About Us

A little about me. I am an ARDMS registered sonographer with over 14 years of experience in the field of High Risk OB Ultrasound. I have worked for many wonderful and skilled Perinatologists’ which has enabled me to spend my entire career scanning nothing but babies. The absolute favorite part of my job was seeing parents-to-be and their families so excited to sneak a peek at their little bundle of joy. My dream has always been to provide this experience in a relaxed, non-clinical environment where I could create a truly magical, once in a lifetime experience for expectant parents and their loved ones. Belly Bean is a culmination of years of experience, passion and a true love of making people smile!

So here at Belly Bean you can expect to get the best pictures your baby will allow us to obtain. More than that though I can promise you and your family will have more enjoyment in a short 15 to 30-minute visit than anything else you might do the rest of your day. Be prepared to ooh and awe, laugh and maybe cry a little. You are about to peer into the small world your baby calls home with the coolest and most cutting-edge technology available today!

I am honored that you have chosen me to take everyone on one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. I hope to see you and your precious baby soon.

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